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During Second World War to prevent of malnutrition pregnant ladies and children due to food shortage, Municipal Corporation of Mumbai started milk distribution system. Each female used to get half litre of milk. This scheme was operational till 1946. After that civil supply department was operating this scheme. As there were no facilities for boiling the milk, raw milk was supplied to British soldiers, officers, and employees. They were not used to drink raw milk which created health problem for them. The cattle sheds of Mumbai were in unhygienic conditions and rearing/nursing of cattle was done in unscientific ways. Due to this health problems surfaced in the nearby locality. To rehabilitate cattle shed of Mumbai in a more scientific way and to encourage clean milk production, in the year 1949, Aarey Milk Colony was established. A total of 16,000 buffaloes from Mumbai were shifted in 30 cattle farms at Aarey Milk Colony....Read More

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Aarey Dairy Aarey Dairy: Aarey Milk Colony was established in year 1949. On 4.3.1951 Central Dairy, Aarey was inaugurated by auspicious hand of then Prime Minister of India Shri. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The Central Dairy, Aarey was constructed ......Read More About Aarey Dairy

D.D.C. Office : Dairy Development Commissioner
is over all In charge of the Dairy Development Department. He is assisted by different officers in following matters.
Dy. Dairy Development Commissioner (Administration) 
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Worli Dairy Worli Dairy : Worli Dairy is established in 1961 situated at Worli Seaface,Worli,Mumbai. The project cost of plan was Rs.420 lakhs of which an amount of Rs. 80 Lakhs was provided by UNICEF in foreign currency. Dairy was inaugurated by ......More On Worli Dairy
CEO Aarey Colony C.E.O.Aarey Colony Aarey Milk Colony, Aarey came in the existence in the year 1949. It is situated at a distance 30 Km north to Mumbai city and has occupied a total area of 3160 acres of   ...Read more About CEO Aarey Colony

Kurla DairyKurla Dairy : Mother Dairy,Kurla started under World Food Programm (W.F.P. 6.18) financed by National Dairy Development Board in the year 1975. Total area of Dairy is about 10.46 hector. Milk is processed, .....More Information About Kurla Dairy

Dairy Science Institute D.S.I. : After the independence the successive Five Year
Plans have made a increasing provision for development of Dairying in India. The objective is to promote milk production as an ...Read more About Dairy Science Institute