Q.1 )What are statutory standard applicable to milk ?

Q.2 )What is pasteurization ?

Q.3 )Which test are carried to check quality of milk ?

Q.1 )What are statutory standard applicable to milk ?
Ans : Parliament enacted Prevention of Food Adulteration Act1954 for eradicating anti social evil and ensuring purity of food articles. Minimum sentence of imprisonment for period of six months and fine of Rs.1100 has been prescribed this is amended time to time.

P.F.A. standard for milk in Maharashtra

Type of Milk Min. Fat % Min. S.N.F. %
Cow Milk 3.5 8.5
Buffalo Milk 6.0 9.0
Goat/ Sheep Milk 3.0 9.0
Standardised Milk 4.5 8.5
Toned Milk 3.0 8.5
Double Toned Milk 1.5 9.0
Skimmed Milk 0.5 8.7

Q.2 )What is pasteurization ?
Ans :The term pasteurization applied to market milk refer to process of heating every particle of milk to at least 63 0c for 30 minutes or 72 0c for 15 seconds or any other time temperature combination which is equally efficient in approved and properly operated equipment. After pasteurization milk is immediately cooled to 5 0c or below.

Q.3 )Which test are carried to check quality of milk?
Ans :Various tests are carried out to check quality of milk like platform test for qiuck reception of milk at milk receiving dock, organoliptic test (taste, odour etc.) and test carried in laboratory. Test carried in laboratory include acidityof milk, fat%, S.N.F. %, Methylene Blue Reduction test, Standard plate count etc.