The Dairy Development Department operates Under the Major Head 2404-Dairy Development, 2235- Social Security and Welfare,7610 - Loans to Government Servants etc. and 2415 - Agricultural Research and Education (04) Dairy Development. As per the Financial Department's guidelines, the Annual budget (Plan and Non plan) for the next financial year is prepared by the department after calling for information from the Regional Dairy Development Offices. The information as received from the Regional Offices is consolidated and scrutinized and the final budgetary figures after obtaining Dairy Development Commissioner are submitted to the Dairy Development Department, who then submits it to the Finance Department for approval and final sanction. Similarly proposals are also submitted for Revised Estimates of the current year and also for Reappropriation of funds where funds are insufficient for meeting expenditure under a particular head.

Details of Non Plan expenditure by the Dairy Development Commissioner Office from the year- 2011 is shown as under.
(figure : Rupees Crores)

Sr.No Details Actual Expenses Funds Approved
  2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
1 Salary and Wages 212.83 220.04 222.41 198.76 191.84 213.22
2 Milk Purchase 235.85 304.87 223.27 180.13 237.17 198.78
3 Other Incidential Expense 86.76 93.35 183.38 66.71 78.78 67.17
4 Total 535.44 618.26 629.06 445.60 537.79 479.17