Programmes and Packages

Details of subsidy programmes 

ANNUAL PLAN - 2015-16 (Plan)

Sr. No Name of Scheme Received Fund Expenditure
Up to End of
Nov. 2015
Physical Target
1 Clean Milk Production Scheme 200.00 Lacs
Received from Govt. Level
Nil --
2 A)Rehabilitation of Milk Unions
.State Level
45.00 Lacs
Received from Govt. Level
Nil --
B)Rehabilitation of Milk Unions
.Central Level
Lacs Received from Govt. Level
Nil --


Expenditure : 544.60 Lakhs


(Package has been stopped) Prime Minister has declared special package for suicide prone six districts of Vidarbha
Funds Released - Rs. 2235.94 Lakhs
Expenditure end of April-2010 - Rs. 2613.73 Lakhs
Distribution of Cows - 22174
No. of beneficiaries - 13278
No. of Chilling Centres installed by MAHASANGH - 32 ( Rs. 136.85Lakhs).


(Package has been stopped) To give subsidiary business to farmers from six district in Vidarbha distribution of milch Cows, Goats-sheeps & poultry birds on 75% subsidy & their feed and animal health cover, package is in progress from year 2007-08
Funds released - Rs. 1215.30 Lakhs
Expenditure end of May-2010.- Rs. 1214.44 Lakhs
Distribution of Cows - 9264
No. of Beneficiaries -6301.


To give subsidiary business to farmers distribution of milch Cows on 50% subsidy & cattle fed and animal health cover Vidharbha (Eleven districts ) package is in progress from the year 2007-08
Expenditure for those package will be done by Maharashtra Rajya Shahkari Dudh Mahasangh Ltd (MAHANAND) first and will be reimbursed by State govt. subsequently.
Distribution of Cows at the end of Nov.-2014 : 10078
Expenditure : 943.07 Lakhs


1.Integrated Dairy Farm Park Programme(2008-09)

The funds of Rs. 21.60 crores have been released by the Central Govt. for implementation of this programme in 23 districts of Vidharbha, Konkan & Marathwada region. ( 2 projects per district @ Rs. 47.13 lacs per project - total 46 projects at the cost of Rs. 21.60 crores ). Project is complete.

2.Accelerated Dairy Development Programme (2011-12)

The fund of Rs.53.84 crores have been sanctioned for implementing this programme through 17 beneficiaries Co-Op Milk Unions. Details of Fund released
Year Fund released
2011-12 Rs.17.68 cr.
2012-13 Rs.24.00 cr.
2013-14 Rs.10.01 cr.

Two projects of Kolhapur Dist. Milk Union Ldt. (Gokul) have got sanctioned in the year 2014-15 with RKVY grants of Rs.24.78 Cr. Implementation is in progress.

3.National Mission for Protein Supplements (NMPS)

Year 2011-12-Construction of 30 MTPD Capacity Skimmed Milk Plant by MRSDMM at Varwad, Pune started under Advance Milk Processing Infrastructure Development programme . Total RKVY grant is Rs. 26.96 Cr. Project is Complete.
Year 2013-14 – Strengthening / Modernisation of Milk unions- 5 Co-Op. Milk Unions are the beneficiaries of this programme with the sanctioned grants of RKVY is Rs.21.07 Crores. Implementation is in progress.
Year 2014-15- Strengthening & modernization of Milk Unions- Two Co-Op. Milk Unions are the beneficiaries of this programme with the sanctioned grants of RKVY is Rs.12.99 Crores. Implementation is in Progress.

4.Advance Milk Processing Infrastructure Development Project

Establishment of 1.06 Lac Ltrs. Aseptic packaging plant (Tetra Brick/Tetra Fino) by MRSDMM started in year 2011-12. Total RKVY grants is Rs.29.67 Crores. Project is Complete.

5)Strengthening infrastructure for quality& clean milk production The scheme started during 2004-05 for creation of necessary infrastructure for production of quality milk and milk products at the farmers level up to the points of consumption by improvement of milking procedure at the farmers level. Training and Strengthening of infrastructure to create mass awareness about importance of clean milk production is main objective of this scheme.

The scheme is implemented through the State Government by District Cooperative Milk Union/ State Level Milk Federation.

  • To improve the quality of raw milk produced by providing training & creating mass awareness among milk producers & also by installation of bulk milk cooler facilities at milk collection centers for immediate chilling of raw milk.
  • Project proposals received – 50 (fifty)
  • Sanctioned proposals- 18 (eighteen)
  • Sanctioned project cost- Rs 40.24 cr. [GOI share: Rs 32.11 cr. + sangh share: Rs 8.13 cr. ]
  • Funds released for the scheme by GOI (upto Nov. 2014) - Rs 23.10 cr.


  • The Scheme Assistance to Cooperatives is a Central Sector Plan Scheme started during 1999-2000
  • Aims to revitalize sick dairy cooperative union at district level and cooperative federation at State level.
  • The assistance is given on 50:50 sharing basis between Govt. of India and concerned State Government.
  • Scheme provides for rehabilitation package to achieve viability within period of seven years from the date of approval of rehabilitation project i.e., to make net worth positive in seven year or earlier.
  • No of Proposals Received : 7
  • No of Proposals Sanctioned : 5
  • Total Funds Sanctioned : Rs 10.94 crores
    • A By Central Govt : Rs 5.47 crores
    • B By State Govt : Rs 5.47 crores
  • Total Funds Released : Rs 10.94 crores