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N. V. Rathod, Chief Executive Officer

Aarey Milk Colony,Aarey, Goregaon, Mumbai-65

Phone: 29272495
Fax: 29272450

Aarey Milk Colony, Aarey came in the existence in the year 1949. It is situated at a distance 30 km north to Mumbai city and has occupied a total area of 3160 acres of land . Out of which area available for cultivation of quality fodder and grasses is about 400 acres . We have also leased out the land to various organisation and institutions of state Govt. and Central Govt. as follows.

Total land given to Central Govt. Institute (Central Poultry Farm, Modern Bakery, NDDB, RBI) 229.92
Total land given to State Govt. Institutions ( Mumbai Veterinary College, SRP, MHADA, MCGB, Film City, Fishery) 729.12
Area under road and buildings 460.00
Area uncultivated and waste land under Nalhas, Lake, Farm , farm roads, Channels 1020.20
Area under lawns and gardens, Paragrass and orchards 537.00
Land and the social Forestry Land etc 183.00
Total 3160.00

The main objective of Aarey Milk Colony

  1. Shifting of cattle / buffaloes from the city limits
  2. Supply of better quality milk to the citizens of Mumbai at comparatively cheaper rate and
  3. Maintenance of these animals on scientific and modern animal Husbandry practices

In the Colony 30 stables are constructed having a capacity for housing 500 to 550 animals in each stables. Each stable has been provided with a ancillary building such as hay godown, chaff-cutting sheds, calving lines and residential accommodation for the cattle owner and their staff. The private cattle owner who are maintaining their herds in the Mumbai city prior to 1949 were shifted and allotted Licenses to maintain their buffaloes in the colony stables. at present, Aarey Milk colony has got the capacity of accommodating 16,079 cattle in 30 units. The license are required to pay the necessary License fee, Occupation charges, water and electricity charges and other ancillary services rendered to them. In addition to the activities of maintaining the large herds of milch animals in Aarey Colony, certain activities like running primary school for the benefit of children of residents of the Aarey Colony and running 24 bed hospital are also undertaken by Aarey authorities.

In order to increase the revenue and decrease the losses incurred the following activities are initiated from 2001-02.

 The toll tax was collected for the vehicles using the Aarey  Milk  colony main road from Pawai, Malad - Borivali, Didoshi,  Goregaon,  Andheri, Marol – Maroshi, but from 18/08/2014,  Dinkarrao Desai road  measuring 7 KM (From Goregaon  Checknaka to Pawai Checknaka  and  Marol Checknaka ) is  handover by Govt.  to Greater Mumbai  Municipal Corporation.  At present toll tax is not collected for this road

 The Aarey tank is utilised for boating purpose. Contract for  this is  allotted  on  rent basis by tender system.

 Numbers of  godowns are rented to various parties by calling  the  public tenders.


 The agricultural and other produce from the various source  e.g.  Water, Fodder plot and cow dung  is being sold on  contractual basis.

 A very old Tree planted by Queen Elizabeth(2)  The agricultural and other produce from the various sources  e.g. Water, fodder, plot and cowdoung is being sold on  contractual basis.

 The various activities are carried out by the staff to the  extend of  164 personnel under the administrative control of Chief Executive  Officer, Aarey Colony. Beside this whole colony area is secured and  maintained by Security wing.